The Way To Visualize Your Life

Vision is everything whether it is a job, a car or a beautiful vacation that we want, we all need to visualize what we want to achieve. However, at the same time we shouldn’t visualize something that might be unattainable or too vague. It’s not a wrong thing to dream about it though. In life, things do not always go the way we want them to. Thus, the idea behind SMART Goals where you focus on things that are achievable in a reasonable time frame. So here is what it means:


It means having a focused and well planned idea consisting of very specific achievements. For example: Everyone can say they want to lose weight, but what can separate you from those people is saying how you intend on achieving that goal which could be by running or by going to the gym.


It talks about how would you be able to track your progress during the goal. It is the same way as how a Fitbit watch works: it measures how much calories we have burnt during the workout. This gives you an idea on how much you have progressed, in achieving your goal.


As mentioned above we have to be realistic about our goals. While we may have dreams about being as rich as Jeff Bezos or being as famous as Aishwarya Rai. We have to think about whether we can reach that level. What I am trying to advocate is not to quell the imagination within you but instead focusing your efforts into something that your are capable of.


Sometimes while we may really want a PSP4 where we play games endlessly, we have to look into whether we have the financial capability to buy it. What I am trying to say is that for certain tasks there might some constraints which might hinder your plans. Therefore, it is necessary to factor in these constraints as well into your goals.

Time – Bound

It talks about how committed are you in achieving your goal. While we may have a hundred desires, some necessary and some goofy, we have to set a time frame upon which we have to be committed to complete the task. We have to think like this: we all have the habit of scrolling through Netflix endlessly to watch new shows but during that time are we doing anything productive. No, I don’t think so. Hence we have to set a time frame for doing any task in order to do tasks which reap in more returns for you.

In conclusion, remember to dream big but not so big that you can’t attain it. Always consider ways in which you might go wrong in achieving your goal as this helps you to avoid such scenarios and saves some time in the process. Finally, fix a time frame to finish your goal.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.


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